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Now that Thanksgiving is over and, for me, the winter holiday season is officially here, I have lots of ideas flitting around in my head.  I’m trying to keep track because in my old age, ahem, sometimes things don’t stick around in my head as long as they used to, if you know what I mean.  The book is a small moleskine that I keep in my bag at all times for writing myself notes, snippets of poems that rattle up there, and ideas of grandeur (and miniature) that I have.  And round about this time of year, the holiday gift list gets underway.

Every year the kids get one handmade gift for solstice.  For the rest I try to do themes… 1 gift each for mind, body and spirit, 1 clothing gift, 1 book and then Santa, the generous fella he is, drops by a gift or two.  And stockings.  I have lots of ideas, but I can’t really talk about them because Pip, the little scamp, reads the blog on occasion.  We’ve had lots of conversations this year about peeking and knowing what’s going to be under the tree and why that’s no fun.  He’s not buying it.

Oh… any thoughts on what I can do about this (below)?  The binding on my little moleskine split off and all the pages are threatening to pull out, which saddens me.  I’m not sure how best to repair it.  Any thoughts?


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slow, careful embrace

leaves stripped by the salted wind

winter is not far


dani. poppins.

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