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I discovered this gem a few weeks back at my favorite local rummage sale.  It’s warm, bright, and just the right weight.  It was wedged in a stack of blankets.  I plucked out 3 wool blankets and then spotted this just as I was about to walk away.

See that salmon color fabric peeking out – whoever pieced this together repurposed an old cotton blanket as the batting.  I love how some of my generation who are finding their way into repurposing and reusing and frugalizing and stretching things think they (we?) are such pioneers, and in our generation we are.  But for our grandmothers, great-grandmothers and even our mothers, such ideology and practices were just life.  You used what you had, and reused and found new life for it until there was no life left in it.  And then maybe you asked a neighbor if they had a use for it.

My new favorite place to be is snuggled up under this on the couch, perhaps watching a bit of something on Hulu with the Man, with needles and wool in my hands.


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My favorite church rummage sale was a few weeks back.  Among other things, I came home with this pile of goodies…

Check out all the sew on snaps… can you read the description… one dozen for ten cents.  And the pearly belt fastener… swoon.

Two of my favorites in the bunch… not so much for function, but form…

The cardboard bi-fold once contained needles and a needle threader.  How spiffy is that? Love the dad and his pipe.  And peeking out over on the left there… that trim.  I might have actually squealed out loud when I came across it.  Can’t you see it at the bottom of a sweet cotton dress or skirt for Hopper?

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