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Got this through Inter-Library Loan (oh dear ILL, how I love you so…)

The Man and I are going away for the weekend – someplace remote and quiet.  I’m refraining from bringing half of my yarn stash with me because any thoughts that I might get that many projects completed in one short weekend may be just a titch lofty.  It doesn’t mean I won’t try though (sorry honey, you can’t bring clothes, we need more room for yarn).

Today at work (shhh) I printed out a ton of patterns from Ravelry.   The babe needs a hat (or 3) and so does The Man.  I think I love this one the best for the babe (third one down -pdf).  Oh, and Pip changed his Solstice gift request from a hat and mittens to pichouxs (slippers for those of you who don’t have my Memere).  The problem with this much stuff wanting to be made is… what to start first?!?


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more beans

The stack of sweaters was just sitting there looking at me (because I hadn’t put them away yet, ahem) and they suggested I make another bean bag out of them.  So I did, of course…

while Hopper played with Legos.  I love this particular felted sweater.  Hopper asked if I was planning to make this one for the baby.  I told her that we’ll be sure to make some for the babe when the time comes.

When she was done with her Legos, she wanted to make another.  To my surprise (and pleasure), she wanted to be more involved in the actual sewing this time.

She wasn’t quite flying solo, but progress I say.  I only had to rethread the needle about 12 times.  The sensory bin doesn’t look too empty… yet.

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Remember these?  They blew out on the bottom.  I need to make myself a new pair (and share the pattern this time).  My feets are cold.  I suppose they’ll go on The List.

The List (in no particular order of importance or likelihood to be finished)

Slippers for me

Slippers for The Man

A hat for The Man

Hat and mittens for Pip (Solstice gift)

Fingerless mittens for Hopper (Solstice gift)

Gray Baby Yoda for the babe

Another sweater for the babe (this one might get cut until later…)

More booties for the babe (can you possibly have too many booties for a winter baby?!?!)

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Soltice gift #1 for Hopper, finished.



and to go with it… mittens or fingerless gloves… what to do, what to do…?

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Just a couple months left and I have SO much I want to make make make for the baby.

I specifically bought fabric to make some of these, enough for at least three pairs.

In my quest to decided which carrier I wanted (Ergo… bEco…?) I stumbled on this pattern.  A little ambitious for the next 8 weeks, but I see some sewing time in my future post baby (and won’t really need this kind of carrier for a while since we’ll be living in a knit wrap for quite some time).

And then of course the sweaters.  I already knit one Baby Yoda, raglan style (I worked it out myself, after I successfully knit another, I’ll post directions with the original designers permission).  The Man wants an authentic gray one so we’re probably going to get some of this and I’ll knit another.  Darn, I just realized they’re out until the first of the year.  Hmmm.  But then I also feel like I have another sweater in me, a brown wool one.  I haven’t come across just the right pattern yet even though I’ve spent days on Ravelry looking.  I may have to wing it.

Oh, and for the midwives gifts, I found THE perfect idea – scale slings!

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another hat

I started out with three skeins of this…

yuck… but I could see it had potential… and it was on clearance.

A pair of scissors and about a half hour led to this…

and the makings of this…

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Finished.  Size 8 needles, 75 stitches, an inch of 2×2 rib, random stripes, decreases and done.  Hope it’ll fit him; guess we’ll find out at Christmas (hey, I’m holding out, handmade gifts are not a dime a dozen).

Like my ‘sock bite’ zipper around my ankle?  Ah, a titch of pregnancy swelling… love it!  Perhaps I could quit my day job and become a foot model for knit wear, you think?

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