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Got this through Inter-Library Loan (oh dear ILL, how I love you so…)

The Man and I are going away for the weekend – someplace remote and quiet.  I’m refraining from bringing half of my yarn stash with me because any thoughts that I might get that many projects completed in one short weekend may be just a titch lofty.  It doesn’t mean I won’t try though (sorry honey, you can’t bring clothes, we need more room for yarn).

Today at work (shhh) I printed out a ton of patterns from Ravelry.   The babe needs a hat (or 3) and so does The Man.  I think I love this one the best for the babe (third one down -pdf).  Oh, and Pip changed his Solstice gift request from a hat and mittens to pichouxs (slippers for those of you who don’t have my Memere).  The problem with this much stuff wanting to be made is… what to start first?!?


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work untouched : eating to kill the heartburn : falling asleep in this big bed alone : glad he’ll be home tomorrow

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knitting : drinking protein shakes for breakfast : growing a baby

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palaenopsis amabilis

Long distance relationships are the pits.  The man and I did the long distance thing for over a year.  We managed okay, lots of airline miles were earned, lots of days taken off from work, several overnights for my kids at aunties or memere’s, including Hopper’s first.  Right now, the man is in his home state for the next 3 weeks working on a political campaign and laying the groundwork for some things up this way later this year.

I had the wonderful fortune of driving down with him, visiting a couple old friends from high school, seeing his amazing kids and, le pièce de résistance, I got to meet his family.  It was good, very good.  I adore his grandmother and can’t wait to see them all again.

But I had to fly back.  And leave him there.  To say it has been rough would be an understatement.

Today I got home from work to find this on the porch…

the card said… ‘You are wonderful’…  I cried… I miss him so.

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The Man and I are on a bit of a road trip. I’d been itching to make a new purse and stumbled on this fabulous corduroy at my favorite fabric spot. I got just enough for a pair of pants for Hopper and a bag for momma. I went back for more but, sadly, it was gone. It’s not one of those places that restocks – they get what they get and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Since I’m a gal who tends to need a deadline to really get things done, our little jaunt was the perfect kick in the pants to finally make a new bag.

The basis is Amy Karol’s Pleated Beauty Bag and reduced by about 1/3. I have all the dimensions worked out and will happily share when I get back. I foresee a tute perhaps? While I looove this bag, it is a bit fallish and I probably need something more springy.

And then I needed a wallet of the matchy matchy sort. Being pressed for time I whipped out a small foldover pouch (much like Amy’s Artsy Clutch).

Both are lined with tan micro cord. I really adore micro cord, in case you were wondering.

I’m trying to get back into the swing if blogging, you see, so if all goes well I’ll post more snippets of our wee road trip. For now, I think I’ll nap while the man drives and dream of my next bag.

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Last week commemorated the end of my 35th year on this planet.  There was cake… moist, delicious, gluten/dairy/soy/corn-free chocolate cake and vanilla frosting.  There are no pictures because we ate it all, every last crumb.  I licked a number of knives.  I love cake (she says wistfully in a sugar induced state of revery).

I was blessed to start this year with that guy I stumbled into a year and a half ago.  It’s hard for me to sit down and really allow myself to think about all the things I adore about him at once.  It makes my heart feel like it might explode.  Awe… sheer awe.

That fabulous guy gifted me with two very precious things.  The first is an oven thermometer I’ve been coveting for a while now. The second was totally unexpected and knocked me for a bit of a loop (a weepy, drippy, crying PMS kind of loop).

This is artwork, by Pip.  Every year they pick a piece of their work from art class and a local business prints cards and other goodies with the piece on it.  You buy the products and a significant percentage of the profit goes to the school.  Until about age 7, Pip’s “artwork” was him writing numbers and letters.  Over and over.  The creative, in that form, is a stretch for him.  So for the past two years, I buy something from this sale.  Last year it was a framed print.  Trouble is, they sent the framed picture home via the second grader.  It didn’t quite make it out of his locker in one piece.  I had good intentions of getting a new piece of glass or frame for it, but really I carted it around for the last 8 months, through the move, and it has sat perched at the top of my armoire waiting.

The Man (that glorious, wonderful man) brushed the dust off of it and framed it for me.   Heart, melt.

After I mopped up the puddle I made, we changed and went out to our favorite sushi place.  It was busy and crowded because half the town was without power (including the two other main sushi places).  We debated about the sushi bar option.  There were two seats at the end of the bar and we figured we’d give it a go, almost changing our minds at one point.

It turned out to be one of the best seats in the house.

Happy day indeed!

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I’m watching this wonderful man hover over a pot of split pea soup he’s making us for dinner and I wonder how on earth I got so lucky.

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