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Hopper found this book on in the sun/playroom and fondly remembering our evening of bean bag making, asked to make another.  I snagged my stack of neglected felted sweaters and we sat down to make one.  I thought maybe she’d be ready to sew her own, unlike last time.  I was wrong.  She got a few stitches in and handed it over to me to finish up for her (we’d had enough frustration for one day, I sacrificed the teaching moment for a moment of self-preservation).  Pip was too busy doing something crazy on the computer to be bothered (I wish I could explain the things he does, but they involve virtual machines and operating systems and whatnot). But later, he got on board himself.  Perhaps the lack of sharing by Hopper was his motivation?  Hopper’s is the striped, Pip’s the wine color.  The striped one is nice and thick and doesn’t hurt quite as much when you get hit with it, fyi.

A quasi-tute perhaps?

Bean Bags


Felted wool sweater(s)
Beans or seeds


Cut two of your desired shape bean bag from your felted wool sweaters.  Because they’re felted, they won’t unravel, so you don’t need to turn and topstitch or anything crazy like that.  Holding the two pieces together (pin if you need some stabilty) stitch around with your stitches close enough so your beans don’t escape.  Keep sewing until you have about an inch left.  Raid the sensory bucket* for black beans.  Fill your bean bag.  Sew up the rest of the way.  PLAY!

*We have a plastic tub filled with 25 lbs of black beans and various accouterments (wooden spoons, clean containers, small pitcher, etc).  It is currently missing two bean bags worth of black beans.


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play day

We had a day with nothing in particular to do.  Our Museum of Science membership was begging us to use the reciprocal features it offered.  We planned a visit down to the Childrens Museum of New Hampshire, which happens to be the town over from where I grew up.  Interesting to see your old stomping grounds through the grown up lens and to point out to your children the hospital you were born in and such.

The museum was a hit with the littles, which included the niece (who’s not so little anymore at 13, which she reminded me of more than once).  She kept telling Hopper and Pip to “cool your biscuits” which had the potential to be annoying, but was rather charming and I might just steal it from her.

This particular exhibit was especially adored and they spent the most time here.  In fact, the niece declared she would like a loom just like this for Christmas and gave us permission to get together and get her one as a big family gift.  Nod.

They were all pretty smitten with this exhibit too, which involved cranking and cranking and cranking foam pieces to the top and watch how they fly down and see if they make it into the center.

We will go again, indeed.

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Hopper, being home and away from her peeps at preschool, has actually been a joy even though she’s sick.  Today she played in full swing for hours.  Pip was never one for the imaginary, but this girl, she’s all over it.

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