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Between the Man and myself, we have stuff… a lot of stuff.  We’ve lived here for a year and we still have boxes of things that haven’t been opened in all that time.  And now we’re on the cusp of adding another person… and another person worth of stuff… to our family.  We are in desperate need of some uncluttering. I’ve been following the Unclutterer blog for some time and in a moment of impulse, I decided to check out her book.  The paperback release and a trial of Amazon Prime provided the perfect alignment of the stars and now we are the proud owners of a copy of this book.  So far it’s brilliant, totally palpable and feels completely doable.

If I’m not to busy, or not too in labor, I’ll try to post about our progress (which I’m hopeful will be significant).


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The Man and I had a date night (oh, la la). We had delicious Indian food and then zipped on over to the theater to catch HP7.1. It was good, but felt short, probably since it’s only half. Unlike when the others came out, I didn’t re-read the book prior to seeing the movie. I think it might be better that way since I was pretty disappointed in 5 and 6 because I thought they deviated too much from the book.

As I was watching, I found myself listening for names, or ideas for names for this baby. We’ve got a girl name all set, but there hasn’t been a boy name that has clicked for us. As much as I trust technology, ahem, I think we’ll only be sure about the gender when this wee bub is born.

I’m going through this with my trusty pencil hoping this library book sale find on “dollar a bag” day will show us the perfect name.

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my hand is under there, whacked upon the corner of the kitchen table while I was simply walking through the dining room tonight.  ouch.  it appears that lovely ‘pregnancy symptom’ of being klutzarific is back.

ps.  posting every day is h.a.r.d.  we shall see if I can make it through all 30 days!

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We finally met my sister’s new puppy.  She’s a charming little git, mellow yet definitively a puppy.  Her ears have a mind of their own.  The kids were both  smitten with her, mostly Hopper who loves all things dog.  Pip is allergic so he wasn’t nearly as enamored, but still thought she was quite something.  They keep telling me they want a dog.  And I keep saying, we’re getting a baby.

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30 weeks today.  I’m feeling it.  From the top of my head down to my toes.  I looked in the mirror tonight and thought… “my hair even looks tired”.  I could sleep for days (you know, if I wasn’t working full time, parenting two other kids, etc).

Oh, and we’re open to suggestions for baby names.  We have a few, but nothing has ‘stuck’.  We’re told it’s a boy, but well, I’m not sure just yet since my mama gut told me girl.  We really aren’t partial, I just don’t like being wrong.

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Giddyup!  It’s that time of year again.  I have all but completely and utterly abandoned this blog.  For shame.  I think blog posts in my head, but between work and family and life, I never seem to catch more than a few seconds to sit down and certainly not enough time to blog.

Since writing is one of my key outlets, and there is a lot going on these days, it seems necessary to make a point to blog more.  What a perfect kick in the pants November is to get back into the swing of blogging.  Here we go!

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I felt lucky to see this kind of light in the kitchen mid-week.  Maybe we were running just late enough or maybe spring really is coming.

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