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north. east.

There was a lot of kvetching on the way.  We had a destination on the other side of the Kangamangus, but we had to cross it first to get there.  We stopped here; Sabbaday Falls.  Grumble grumble, it’s cold, grumble grumble, can’t we GO?!?!  Oh wait, this is pretty cool.

Of course, the whole reason we were up (and over) was to see this.  The Man is from away, and while they have leaves that change color there, it’s not quite the same.  The swimming at the resort was just a way to get the kids to buy in.  And they did.  Maybe a little too much.  But we got there, saw leaves, breathed in the fresh mountain air, got our swim on, and drove the long way home.

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a kidless evening with the Man, a walk on a new beach for us, gratitude that we get to live here

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The Man and I are on a bit of a road trip. I’d been itching to make a new purse and stumbled on this fabulous corduroy at my favorite fabric spot. I got just enough for a pair of pants for Hopper and a bag for momma. I went back for more but, sadly, it was gone. It’s not one of those places that restocks – they get what they get and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Since I’m a gal who tends to need a deadline to really get things done, our little jaunt was the perfect kick in the pants to finally make a new bag.

The basis is Amy Karol’s Pleated Beauty Bag and reduced by about 1/3. I have all the dimensions worked out and will happily share when I get back. I foresee a tute perhaps? While I looove this bag, it is a bit fallish and I probably need something more springy.

And then I needed a wallet of the matchy matchy sort. Being pressed for time I whipped out a small foldover pouch (much like Amy’s Artsy Clutch).

Both are lined with tan micro cord. I really adore micro cord, in case you were wondering.

I’m trying to get back into the swing if blogging, you see, so if all goes well I’ll post more snippets of our wee road trip. For now, I think I’ll nap while the man drives and dream of my next bag.

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last night

7:30 finishing up a late, picnic dinner in the livingroom (a favorite special treat)

8:00 watching The Grinch (the real one)

8:15 we interrupt this program to report the first substantial snow fall of the season

8:30 boots, coats, hats, mittens on

8:35 first family snow ball fight with perfect, clumping snow ball snow in the back yard

9:00 shed layers, drink hot cocoa

9:30 jammies

10:00  they sleep

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up and away

Yesterday, 60 degrees, scrumptiously unexpected for this time of year.

A perfect day to sit out on a thrifted wool blanket at the top of a hill watching (and occasionally helping) the Man, Hopper and Pip fly kites.  Well, mostly the Man and Pip; Hopper spent most of her time rolling down the hills and meandering around finding leaves to crumble and dandelions (“blowers”) to set free.

Hopper (in Pip’s old jacket which she loves simple because it was once Pip’s)

Pip… flying high and loving every second (even though on the way he made certain we were aware the kite flying was not on his agenda for the day).

The Man is particularly adept at getting me out of doors and into the sunshine.  My leanings are more of the homebody sort, especially when the calendar and sun have already signaled the coming of winter.  I am grateful for the pull of him, for his gentle nudges, and his willingness to share his loves with me, Hopper and Pip.

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just before the wind and rain batted them all off

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